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Anna Vaverková (OPEN STAGE)10.09.

Originally from Prague, singer, songwriter, keyboardist, and producer Anna Vaverková now lives and works in Berlin. You may know her from her appearances at Student Fest, Praha Žije Hudbou, Žižkovská noc, or Konec Pololetí. She appeared on the drum and bass scene during her time in Prague and won the best composition award at the 2019 CZ & SK DnB Awards for Up & Down, which she released with producer Kutlo. Anna was among the first members of Prague-Berlin label Oddity Records. She left for Berlin to study music in 2016 where she formed the group The Flavians with her fellow students. Together, they played the Glastonbury Festival in 2019, opening for Catfish and the Bottlemen, and we can hear them on BBC Radio and Deutschlandfunk. Anna’s songs are inspired by books, parties and their aftermaths, dreams, and sex, such as her duel single Ve Snu/Sweet Spot. “I often have repeated dreams with controversial images. In the song Ve Snu, I talk to characters in my dreams and ponder human instincts; how much we’re different from animals and how people limit themselves as individuals,” she said. Anna is currently collecting inspiration, experience, and ideas for new music.

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