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Carya (OPEN STAGE)10.09.

Carya is a project from South Moravia made-up of Martin Smělík and Barbora Gajdošová that balances on the edge of trip-hop, dream-pop, and shoegaze. The couple has been performing together since 2017 as part of their previous project Mimo. That’s when they were first played on Startér Rádio Wave and performed at United Islands, Beseda u Bigbítu, and Meziprostor. The duo launched their new project in spring 2020 with their first single Serenity, followed by Castalia and the announcement of the group’s debut album that was recorded over the course of 2020. It was released on the South Moravian community label Bughead Records. Tales for Z was created in a home studio and is a symbolistic reflection inspired by literature and personal stories. It modulates between the calming sounds of synthesizers with the urgency and energy of distorted guitar riffs, beats, and ethereal vocals. The debut is dedicated to the couple’s daughter that was born last year as well.

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